Hello zafar,

On Friday, December 13, 2002 at 12:58:08 PM you wrote:

> hello sir
>  i try many time to login with root but can't

> plz check it,i get error of "Access denied" from window's putty and from
> linux machine i get error of permission denied.

> so plz check it where is the problem...

1.) The first problem is: you took an existing message and used
    'Reply', instead of _really_ creating a new mail. That way
    references to the message you "answered to" made their way into
    headers and therefore MUAs capable of "real threading" showing
    your message inside a message tree where it, for sure, does not
2.) You choose the wrong list. "Login errors" not related to a vchkpw
    password checking aren't on-topic here, but belong to a linux
3.) You did not write a single character about what connection you're
    trying to establish. PuTTY is capable of at least four kinds of

    - Raw IP
    - Telnet
    - RLogin
    - SSH

    At least 'telnet' and 'SSH' can be configured to deny remote root
    login, so there are still two things we'd have to guess which one
    might be the correct one. As my crystal ball is on repair chances
    are low I choose the correct one. Therefore: if you're trying to
    SSH into your machine: check your sshd.config for
    'PermitRootLogin'. Keep is disabled, login as unprivileged user
    and use 'su'.
    If you're trying to 'telnet' into your machine: uninstall telnet
    daemon, install SSH daemon, use SSH.

For any further advises on this topic I'd suggest you look around for
a general linux list, subscribe it and ask there, with a little bit
more of details about the circumstances ("Access denied" ain't really
helpful without _any_ other relevant information).
Best regards
Peter Palmreuther

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