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I'm using vpopmail with MySQL backend, and courier-imap for SquirrelMail
webmail. I am trying to use vipmap to authenticate different domains via
IP, and have applied Bill's patch for getting aroun IPv6, but when I log in
to a vipmap'd domain(other than the one in --enable-default-domain) it
returns the following:


Unknown error: Fatal error: Maildir: No such file or directory

Read data:


The default domain was a cdb domain before, so i made sure to move the
vpasswd files out of the way to make sure it wasnt just grabbing the correct
directory from the files rather than the MySQL database..

If I log in with the complete email address, it works; It only causes this
problem when I try to connect to the vipmap'd domain without using the
complete email address. I am not much of a coder, but I'm assuming the
problem is that the authvchkpw module is looking at the user@default-domain
instead of looking at user@ip-aliased-domain for the users directory.. Not
finding the user in the default domain, it will not have a proper directory
to find its Maildir/ and exits with this error. When logged into via the
complete email address, Courier of course does not use the default domain
and authenticates properly.. Am I right? Is there already a solution for
this issue? Let me know if any more information is needed.. Thanks,
You mention that SquirrelMail does not work. What if you telnet to 143 and test login that way? My guess is that squirrelmail is not passing the correct IP to courier-imap. One possible workaround would be to have squirrelmail look at the HTTP_HOST header and append the domain to the login. I used to do this for my customers. I there's even a plugin now.


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