Hi Rob,

On Thu, 19 Dec 2002 09:05:07 -0500
"Rob G" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>>> I am trying to get QMail and Vpopmail installed on my Redhat 8
>>> system. Right now I am running in to the problem that the mail is
>>> not being received by the end user.  I believe I have everything
>>> setup correctly but nothing drops into the MailDir of the user that
>>> was created through Vpopmail.
>>> I am unsure as to what information you would need to help me with
>>> this problem but ask away because I need to get this up and running.

>> What's in your mail log files? What error message does qmail log?

> Which logfile are you looking for... 

I don't know where your computer stores log entries generated by qmail.
It depends on your qmail setup, how you start qmail-send.
There are two options I remember instantly: 

 qmail-start ./Maildir splogger
 qmail-start ./Maildir 2>&1
whichs output is piped into a multilog ... 

But there are other possibilities. If _you_ don't know where qmail log
entries are directed to it will be hard for anybody on this list to

> as I have looked at a few of them but don't see anything about not
> finding the user etc in the logfiles that I looked at.

Haven't you found _any_, or haven't you found error messages?
If it's the latter: have you found messages of _success_ for this
particular mails you're trying to send?
Has your qmail worked ever (w/o vpopmail)? Does it still work if you
send mails to a local, non-vpopmail handled, domain?

P.S.: Why is it the last days getting worse with subscribers having
Reply-To's set to their e-mail-addresses? Why aren't these header fields
empty, if they only contain redundant information??? This makes replying
to the correct address (mailing list address) only more difficult.

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