This is very weird.

I have vpopmail compiled with a default quota already, but when I add someone in vqadmin, vuserinfo still displays NO QUOTA for that account's information.

Now are you saying that there really is a quota set, even though it says NO QUOTA when running vuserinfo, or is my vqadmin a little flaky?

On Wednesday, December 18, 2002, at 04:25 PM, Clayton Weise wrote:

Compile vpopmail with a default quota. vQadmin is sort of deceiving, if you compiled vpopmail with a default quota, just leave the quota field emtpy and vqadmin will assume the default. It doesn't automatically fill in the box.

On Wednesday, December 18, 2002, at 01:06 PM, Brendan McAlpine wrote:

when my techs create a new account using vqadmin, by default the account is created without a quota. How do I change it so that when a new account is created it automatically has a quota of say 5MB.



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