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Actually, vpopmail on the 8.0 box and is NFS exported to the 7.3 box.  As for the user accounts, the mysql server is running on the 7.3 as a primary and is replicated on the 8.0 server.  In fact, I currently have vpopmail setup to read from the 8.0 box mysql server and write to the 7.3 box mysql server.  That works just fine.
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Subject: [vchkpw] qmail + vpopmail + mysql + Redhat 8

I have two servers; one with Redhat 8 installed and one with redhat 7.3 installed. They both have mysql and qmail installed and configured identically. The redhat 7.3 server can send and receive email just fine using vpopmail 5.2.1. When I configure the Redhat 8 server to be the primary mailserver with vpopmail, always gives me the following error:

 failure: Sorry,_no_mailbox_here_by_that_name._(#5.1.1)/
 I've tried the newer version of vpopmail but have not gotten it to work. Has anyone else gotten qmail and vpopmail to work with Redhat 8?

[Matt Darcy] Looks like your user accounts are on the 7.3 server and database.
export the vpopmail database and import it on the 8.0 box and copy the domains from $VPOPMAILHOME/domains on the 7.3 machine to the 8.0 $VPOPMAILHOME/domains
Just a thought 

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