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We're using F5's load balancer and it's been working great for us.  It has
similar features as the Foundry switch you mentioned (and the service
monitoring is great!).

The main worry I have at this point is the NFS server.  Even though the file
system in question is RAID 5, and is in a separate disk enclosure, I don't
like having that one NFS server as a single point of failure.

Is anyone using some sort of HA storage solution?  If so, care to share

Duane Wylie

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We have a very similar set up.  We have a third machine as the MySQL master
which doesnt directly interact as a mail server, but it makes the MySQL
database triple-redundant without sacrificing performance.

For load balancing/redundancy, we are using Foundry
( switches with the SLB (Server Load
Balancing) code.  Very powerful; it not only detects if the server is
running, or listening to port 25/110, but it actually understands SMTP and
POP3 and will make sure the SMTP and POP3 servers are responding properly as
part of its 'heartbeat' tests.. So, for example, if you had a machine that
had a problem and would still listen to port 25 but couldnt actually answer
with a '220', it would be treated as 'offline' instead of opening dead
connections for clients..  It also allows you to load balance between X
number of servers rather than just failing over in 'worst case scenario'


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