We use Alteons to do the load balancing and a pair of NetApp F810c's for
the HA NFS system.  I won't include any details since its easy enough to get
the data from the guys at Netapp.  We run 7 qmail/vpopmail servers with 3
mysql servers (one master and 2 slaves that are read only).

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> Sorry 'bout sending that last message as 'Super-User'...
> We're using F5's load balancer and it's been working great for us.  It has
> similar features as the Foundry switch you mentioned (and the service
> monitoring is great!).
> The main worry I have at this point is the NFS server.  Even though the
> system in question is RAID 5, and is in a separate disk enclosure, I don't
> like having that one NFS server as a single point of failure.
> Is anyone using some sort of HA storage solution?  If so, care to share
> details?
> Thanks,
> Duane Wylie
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> We have a very similar set up.  We have a third machine as the MySQL
> which doesnt directly interact as a mail server, but it makes the MySQL
> database triple-redundant without sacrificing performance.
> For load balancing/redundancy, we are using Foundry
> (http://www.foundrynetworks.com/) switches with the SLB (Server Load
> Balancing) code.  Very powerful; it not only detects if the server is
> running, or listening to port 25/110, but it actually understands SMTP and
> POP3 and will make sure the SMTP and POP3 servers are responding properly
> part of its 'heartbeat' tests.. So, for example, if you had a machine that
> had a problem and would still listen to port 25 but couldnt actually
> with a '220', it would be treated as 'offline' instead of opening dead
> connections for clients..  It also allows you to load balance between X
> number of servers rather than just failing over in 'worst case scenario'
> situations..
> Andre

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