We will be moving our mail system over to a
Qmail/Vpopmail solution very soon, and I am just
trying to decide between using the default "flat" file
format, or a MySQL backend.  My only concern at this
point is allowing our tech staff to look up a client's
password, should it become necessary.  Currently, the
email accounts are tied in to our billing database,
but this will no longer be the case.  I guess my
questions are:

  1. Is it possible to look up an email user's
password regardless of whether a the "flat file"
format is used, or the MySQL backend?  (i.e., is there
a web-based admin tool that will allow our tech staff
to do this)?
  2. Would using MySQL tend to be faster or slower
than using the "flat file" format?  We have just over
1200 email users, and expect this to grow
significantly in the next 12-18 months, so I would
like to have the better of the two in place now,rather
than looking at upgrading down the road.  (I like the
idea of using MySQL as the back end, as I think it
will allow us to write a custom interface, as well as
make certain things easier, like Spamassassin
administration, whcih we will be implementing, no?)

TIA for your input.

Alan Murrell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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