Hi agin.

It seems that the server gets the message and then TMDA decides weather to
deliver it.
I am more interested in a solution, where the server rejects the mail right
after it gets the from: and to: lines, if the combination is banned.

...or am I wrong?


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Take a look at TMDA (tagged message delivery agent). It does what you want,
and a lot more. And it integrates very well with vpopmail/qmail


At 13:31 1/6/2003 +0200, you wrote:
>Is there a technology with wich to allow users to create their own
>of senders they don't want to get mail from.
>The perfect behaviour of the server would be after it gets the mail
>and rcpt to: to check in a databse and reject the mail defore it arrives,
>if the rcpt and sender mach a user-defined pair.
>Or do I have to write this whole thing from scratch...

Conrad Hunziker III

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