I could be wrong - but I believe you want to accept/deny based on the Return-Path header, which would require that the whole email be transmitted.

I think tmda is a better solution anyways, as it is an intelligent system (i.e. auto-blacklisting based on rules), can filter on headers or on message content, has a whitelist system and can re-write outgoing message headers to provide one-time message reply acceptance... yadda yadda.....

At 14:14 1/6/2003 +0200, Anton G. Popov wrote:
Hi agin.

It seems that the server gets the message and then TMDA decides weather to
deliver it.
I am more interested in a solution, where the server rejects the mail right
after it gets the from: and to: lines, if the combination is banned.

...or am I wrong?

Conrad Hunziker III

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