If you're going to put this in the distribution, make
sure that you have to select an option to have the mail
delivered.  I'm sure many people would *not* want this
message in their INBOX.  We used to do this an about 85%
of our customers complained, so it was removed.


  > Hi Trey,
  > On Wed, 8 Jan 2003 07:56:54 -0600
  > "Trey Nolen" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
  > >>> Is there a way to set a "welcome" message that is sent when a
  > >>> postmaster creates an e-mail account?
  > >> Modify vpopmail sources for "vadddomain" not only creating "Maildir"
  > >> but copying an e-mail to 'Maildir/new' too.
  > > This sure is a pain to do every time you update vpopmail.  I sure hope
  > > this feature gets accepted into the distribution one day....
  > Write the code, write it good, stable and secure, and submit it.
  > Maybe it's merged with vpopmail-core and no "rewrite" will be necessary.
  > -- 
  > Peter

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