I have a problem with my email server : qmail + vpopmail + courier-imap 
(pop3). (without any patch).
On my Mozilla Mailserver I set:
Server Settings : server name: domain_name.com
                        user name: aaaaa
Accounting Settings: email address: [EMAIL PROTECTED]
With that settings I can send this email.
It is not normal, because I autentificate my self with user aaaaa and the 
email will go with user bbbbb, and this email will go from 
How and what can I do to eliminate that problem?
I want that email to not be send.
There is  a patch for something like that?
Something to verify that the server of email to be the same with user name 
used for authentification on pop3.
Can you give my sone suggestions? What patches to use on qmail or vpopmail or 
...where is the problem...
Thank you.

George Tolea

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