I have a question and perhaps someone can help me.

I have an old emailserver with vpopmail and i want to transfer
all old domains and emailadresses to a newer vpopmail-server.

The old vpopmail-server is a V4.9 (?) and the new-mailsever is a 5.2.1

I only copied all files from
to the new vpopmail server (/home/vpopmail/domains , too of course),
but noone can ask for new emails.

When I add a new domain with the new vpopmail-server everyting is going

Did i made something wrong?
What can I do that I must do not create all domains with all
pop3-accounts new?

I will be very glad,
if someone can help me.

Viele Gruesse,

btw: How can I find out the vpopmail Version ?


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