Hello Everyone,

I installed qmail 1.03 and vpopmail 5.3.12, and I am finding that it runs great. Very fast and all seems to be in order. I do notice that every few days (2-3), a few if not all, of my users can't send mail through my server... It replies back with a "that domain is not in my rcpthosts" error. Could someone direct me in where I can start to look for solutions to this. If I reboot the qmail processes it seems to work after that, so I do know it is something with qmail and the way vpopmail is communicating. Thought yesterday I had to restart the entire server to get it back working. I am using the pop3d from qmail, and Courier-IMAP. The error comes from those with IMAP connections (all my users use imap) Not to sure where to start to begin and look. Any help would be appreciated.


Nate Davis


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