Zitat von Clayton Weise <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> Ok.. why would you post open relay as a suggestion?  Don't ever put
> :allow,RELAYCLIENT=””.  That will make your server open relay, which is BAD.
> Check the archives, I know there have been discussions before about courier
> imap authentication and vpopmail’s “romaing users” option


why are you blaming me ?
If you will read my posting _carefully_ you will recognize a sentence like that:

"Note that this is absolutely not the recommendes way !!!"

Did you see the "!!!" and the word "absolutely" ???

What else should I do telling someone that there is a possibilty which is
definitivly not recommended ?

I can tell you to just format you HD and your are save that no one will relay
your server. 

Listen ! 

I do not want to start I flame war at all !!! 
so lets keep on beeing polite!!

It was meant as a hint nothing else ....


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