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Jens Jahr <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>- In my CVS-Tree I thought about dynamically using LDAP-entries, because
>  hardcoding a special row for a special entrie makes it worse to add more new 
>  LDAP-entries, because you have a bunge of #ifdefs and you will have to 
>  doublecheck the whole code where direct access to an LDAP-entry is made
>As a result I think it is nice to just address an LDAP-Entrie via pointers.
>CLEAR_PW = 2;
>qmailUID = 3;
>which are dynamically setup.
>So general access to it would be
>#ifdef CLEAR_PW
>lm[CLEAR_PW]->mod_values[0] = strdup(password);
>next would be 
>lm[QMAILDOMAIN]->mod_values[0] = strdup(password);
>no matter if I "ifdefed" CLEAR_PW or not.
>This make code much more easy and readable.
>Hope you understand my point and tell me what do you think.

I think so, too.

It was difficult to understand the source, when I made the patch.

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