Hello All:

I installed Qmail today with Vpopmail.  The thing is I use Postfix for my
SMTP server and still want to.  I have Postfix configured to send mail to
Qmail's sendmail program like was shown on the inter7 website.  I just use
transport maps instead of fallback transport.  Either way, the mail comes
into Postfix and I see it being sent to qmail, but never gets delivered.  I
checked the qmail queue directory and I found the mail sitting in the todo/

My question is how do I start up Qmail to just run the queue and not have
it try and bind to port 25.  I want Postfix to remain bound to port 25 and
act as my SMTP server.  I just need Qmail to deliver mail to the
vpopmail/domains/whatever Maildir's so people can get their mail.

Please let me know what I need to startup Qmail do accomplish what I need.
Maybe, as soon as I get used to Qmail, I may use it to do all my mail
services.  I have just been using Postfix for so many years that I do not
want to stop using it to accept mail just yet.  I love the Virtual Mail
though, vpopmail is fantastic..

Thanks for you help in advance..


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