At 09:20 PM 1/13/03 -0500, Frank A wrote:
My question is how do I start up Qmail to just run the queue and not have
it try and bind to port 25.
That pretty much is the answer too... Run qmail, but don't start it listening on port 25. Running qmail is related to a .rc file in the /var/qmail directory, or something copied into your startup scripts to run qmail-send. Listening on port 25 is started in inetd, xinetd or tcpserver is run from your startup scripts. It depends on who's instructions you used to set up qmail, and what OS you are on.

Please let me know what I need to startup Qmail do accomplish what I need.
Maybe, as soon as I get used to Qmail, I may use it to do all my mail
I bet you would save a lot of time and headaches if you just follow the instructions on one of the qmail + vpopmail + qmailadmin toasters and go for a standard setup. The biggest problem I've seen with qmail, is that it goes so long between problems that you have forgotten everything you once knew about it when you need to work on it. :)


Who hasn't had to mess with my mail server in over 302 days.

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