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At 05:53 PM 01-13-2003, Bill Shupp wrote:

From the ChangeLog:

             - lots of cleanup.. removed all mysql specific code
i'm curious what exactly that means. at the most basic level, it almost sounds like mysql support has been removed, though i strongly doubt that. can you clarify?
Sure. The vpopmail programs, for the most part, use the vpopmail library to do things. The library will contain the specific authorization module code... like mysql, cdb, etc... but for some reason, vdeloldusers didn't use the available function in the vpopmail libarary (vget_lastauth(), which might not have been available when vdeloldusers was written). Anyway, I just made vdeloldusers modular by using the vget_lastauth() function, rather coding it for mysql only. This was, any authorization module can benefit from vdeloldusers. I have only tested cdb and mysql, though.


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