Hi !!

I've seen this topic come up over and over again so
I finally decided to "contribute" to the thread...

I think the problem has most likely to do with IMAP
clients using persistent connections. When they first
login successfully vpopmail updates tcp.smtp.cdb file
and the user has open relay for one hour or whatever 
it is for timeout. But since the IMAP client uses 
persistant connection a new login procedure never takes
place and the old "RELAYCLIENT" flag times out.

Maybe this is not the case in Davids problem but
I want to give a hint anyway...
I know there is solution for this problem but I do not
remember the webaddress.


> I am sorry the question may be off topic.
> I am running vpopmail and courier-imap, roaming with vpopmail works fine 
> but for user using imap roaming does not work. I have searched any 
> relevant info on this topic but it is rather scare. Would anyone point 
> me to the right direction?
> Many thanks in advance.
> David Kwok

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