> I think the problem has most likely to do with IMAP
> clients using persistent connections. When they first
> login successfully vpopmail updates tcp.smtp.cdb file
> and the user has open relay for one hour or whatever
> it is for timeout. But since the IMAP client uses
> persistant connection a new login procedure never takes
> place and the old "RELAYCLIENT" flag times out.

That's a good point -- In my particular case authdaemon is not updating the 
tcp.smtp.cdb file at all though.

> Maybe this is not the case in Davids problem but
> I want to give a hint anyway...
> I know there is solution for this problem but I do not
> remember the webaddress.

A solution could be to revalidate the IP on any IMAP access, instead of just 
the initial login.


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