I forget this :
Some of my users reported, that sometimes the mail system is sloing down, when they are trying to get mail through pop3.
Can be a solution to this, if I rise the number of concurrent connections in tcpserver, or need to do something other ? Plese feed me with everything what come in to your mind. I user ibm 7200rpm disks. They cannot be the limiting thing /they are in dma mode .../
I have aproxi 1000 users, not under the same domain, but have one with 600.
Plz feed me with startup script. This server will go beyond 10000 users in the near future (one-two year).
A startup script for smtp will be good too. In private or to the list.
What abaut daemontools ? I think it's good... Anything that is against daemontools, or something better ?
If I start the smtpd service with softlimit -m 20000000 than this means that with each process qmail starts will have only 20 Mb of space to do her job ? So only 20 Mb mail can get through the server ? is this good, or use -f ?

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