does anyone have or know of a way to cp -R user/Maildir/* to

Is this possible without have to do it manually?

We had a email system up forever using qmail+vpopmail etc. But the old
system used vpasswd files and such.
I made a new system using MySql and spamassassin ...
But I had to add accounts before transferring it over. ALSO I couldn't just
tar the domain's dir because people are always getting emails and tar would
complain saying that a file was being writen to bleh bleh bleh.
So i made a script and just added everyone into the new system from the
vpasswd file. BUT the dirs of the users are not in the same location. SO is
possible or does someone have a way to say read say the old vpasswd and then
find that users dir on the new system and then copy that users old emails to
the new dir layout?

Yes I know there is a vconvert. That will not work because all the accounts
are already added.
I just need to move the users old mail from the old system to the new system
but I just can't tar and untar because directories are not in the same
places now...

Hope that makes sense...


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