I've noticed this on two separate installations of
qmail/vpopmail/sqwebmail (all latest versions); after the authdaemon has
been started, all virtualusers can log into the sqwebmail interface
reliably for a while.

Then after a period of several hours, random users will start getting
"invalid user ID or password" errors when they try to log in with known 
good username/password errors.

Meanwhile, they can all still log in with POP clients without a problem.  
I'm seeing this on both a RedHat 6.2 box and a RedHat 7.3 box.

If I restart the authdaemon, the problem goes away again for a time.

I've tried recompiling sqwebmail, without any options and with the
options: "--without-module-authdaemon" and "--with-module-vchkpw" however,
authdaemond was still built and sqwebmail still wouldn't work without it

I would like to deploy these systems as live servers, but that's out of 
the question as long as they have this kind of reliability problem.

Any pointer/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



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