On Thu, 16 Jan 2003, Clayton Weise wrote:

>> Greetings All,
>> A quick question on authdaemond in sqwebmail:
>> If I've built vpopmail to use mysql to store all user info, I should
>> still be using the 'authvchkpw' method with sqwebmail to authenticate
>> users,
>> right?

> Yes.

Hmmm. OK. Then I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong as authdaemond seems to 
"stop working" after a time. I've setup the rc file so that the daemon 
only loads the "authvchkpw" module at start time.

When first started, all users can athenticate normally, but after an hour
or so, it seems to start randomly failing on known good uname/pw combos.  
Only stopping and starting the daemon fixes this; using the restart
command has no effect. 

I'm seeing this problem on two different boxes with identical installs
running RedHat 6.2 and RedHat 7.3. I'm considering doing a third build on
a Solaris box to see if the problem show up there as well.

Can anyone suggest what could cause such a problem and what a fix might 

Stopping and restarting the authdaemon once an hour seems like a kluge at
best, particularly for a busy server...



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