> Hmmm. OK. Then I'm wondering what I'm doing wrong as authdaemond seems to
> "stop working" after a time. I've setup the rc file so that the daemon
> only loads the "authvchkpw" module at start time.
> When first started, all users can athenticate normally, but after an hour
> or so, it seems to start randomly failing on known good uname/pw combos.
> Only stopping and starting the daemon fixes this; using the restart
> command has no effect.
> I'm seeing this problem on two different boxes with identical installs
> running RedHat 6.2 and RedHat 7.3. I'm considering doing a third build on
> a Solaris box to see if the problem show up there as well.
> Can anyone suggest what could cause such a problem and what a fix might
> be?

The fix is to not use authdaemon.

Set "AUTHMODULES="authvchkpw" in /usr/lib/courier-imap/etc/imapd.


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