Hello all,

My problem with qmail+vpopmail+quota is resolved... look the problem:

--- problem and tests ---
I have problem with vpopmail + quota. Resuming:

If i have the .qmail file in HOME of user: /home/vpopmail/domains/kerne.org/kerne,
the quota suport dont used. The limit of quota to the user, dont limit 
messages delivered. 

But... if i remove the file .qmail (home of user), the quota support is turned on.
I was try use the .qmail-kerne file in DOMAIN HOME (/home/vpopmail/domains/kerne.org),
but this problem persist.

In .qmail file i have:



If i dont use the .qmail file, the quota support its function correctly.

This is a bug of vpopmail+qmail, or need more configuration ??

My ./configure parameters:

# ./configure --enable-qmaildir=/var/qmail \
 --enable-vpopuser=vpopmail \
 --enable-vpopgroup=vpopmail \
 --enable-roaming-users=y \
 --enable-tcprules-prog=/usr/local/bin/tcprules \
 --enable-relay-clear-minutes=40 \
 --enable-auth-logging=y \
 --enable-logging=y \
 --enable-mysql=y \
 --enable-qmail-ext=y \
 --enable-incdir=/usr/include \
 --enable-libdir=/usr/lib \

--- problem and tests ---

For resolve this problem, use a workaround qmail-local (vqmaillocal), compiled 
with vpopmail:

Look this in REAME.vqmaillocal :

--- look this ---
# cat README.vqmaillocal

vqmaillocal is a developmental replacement for
qmail-local. It will currently deliver email to
vpopmail existing vpopmail users. 

1) process .qmail-"user" files and .qmail-default file

How to install:

1) mv /var/qmail/bin/qmail-local /var/qmail/bin/qmail-local.orig

2) cp vqmaillocal /var/qmail/bin/qmail-local

--- look this ---

the problem is:

Vpopmail dont send correctly information of quota used to courier.
Is only be passed if .qmail (or .qmail-user) dont exist.
Do tests... you look this problem.


If you have .qmail file, to configuration of user, courier-imap quota
dont be used. The sum of quota used is dont passed correctly from vpopmail,
then... this is a bug dont resolved.

Thanks for all replyes, but this is only reply correct.

Jose Roberto Kerne

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