When creating a mailing-list i QmailAdmin, I choose 'Message Moderation', and further down 'Posts from addresses other than moderators are rejected. This is applicable to message moderated lists only.'
The problem is the next time I enter the page for this mailing-list. Then the "bullet" is back at 'Others not rejected. For moderated lists, all posts are forwarded to the moderators. The switch has effects only on message moderated lists.' ???? I'm using qmailadmin 1.0.6 and vpopmail 5.2
There's a wierd problem with non-moderators being able to post to the list - and I don't know where to look for errors, or how to trace/debug the zmlm part. But if the error is caused by the handling done via qmailadmin, then there's no reason for starting to debug/trace in qmail/vpopmail/ezmlm
Any ideas ??

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