I was wondering if anybody knew what the field definitions are for the
.dir-control file, or more appropos to me, what the varias fields in the
dir-control table mean.  I show the follow column headers, but this really
doesn't speak to what the values should typically be set to.  This is the
only item that I have not reviewed wrt the vadduser blowups I've been
experiencing with some domains.

| domain  | cur_users | level_cur | level_max | level_start0 | level_start1
| level_start2 | level_end0 | level_end1 | level_end2 | level_mod0 |
level_mod1 | level_mod2 | level_index0 | level_index1 | level_index2 |
the_dir |

Thank you,


Benjamin Tomhave, Senior Systems Engineer
Sofast Communications      www.sofast.net

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