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>> If you're unsure about having copied the command line correctly save the
>> following code into /tmp/foobar
>> <-------------------->
>> #!/bin/sh
>> echo "$HOME/Maildir"
>> <-------------------->
>> do 'chmod 755 /tmp/foobar' and run
>>  #>qmail-popup `hostname -f` /home/vpopmail/bin/vchkpw /tmp/foobar

> The output is also /root/Maildir

Something wicked happened to your vpopmail /vchkpw.

> What should the output be.


> Can I install the vpopmail a second time, or do I run into trouble.

Yes, you can.

Make sure you _delete_ the old source tree, extract vpopmail-tarball
anew, so you will have a fresh and clean source tree.
Than do './configure' with all your necessary options and 'make &&
make install-strip'.
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