On Sat, Feb 15, 2003 at 09:10:17PM -0500, Jim wrote:
> I have a .qmail-default and a .qmail-jim, which both have
>  | /usr/local/bin/spamc | /home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail ''
> /home/vpopmail/domains/jimtest.com/jim
> .. messages to spam _should_ just be placed in
> /home/vpopmail/domains/jimtest.com/spam (because there is no .qmail-spam (or
> Maildir/.qmail))
> instead, messages to the spam account are piped through spamc before being
> delivered to the spam mailbox

Messages to your spam@ account are handled by the .qmail-default file, and
therefore is being piped through spamc.  This is why you observed the mail
bounce if you removed the .qmail-default file.  Since you have created the
virtual account 'spam' the message is delivered to the 'spam' users Maildir.
If you want to override this you should create a .qmail-spam file with the 

  | /home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' /home/vpopmail/domains/jimtest.com/spam/

In order to fully understand this you need to have a good understanding of
how qmail's virtual domains work.  The .qmail-default file is called for
every vpopmail account that has not been overridden by a .qmail file in the
domain's directory.  


Good luck,


Cory Wright
Stand Blue Technology

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