If You add all these domains as aliasdomains then 
then all existing accounts in the original domain will
get their messages, not the catch-all. Maybe it's good enough
but if I understood your question You want ALL mail to these
domains redirected to a SINGLE account.

then do this:

#> mkdir /my/dummy/dir
#> echo "&[EMAIL PROTECTED]" > /my/dummy/dir/.qmail-default

## for each aliasdomain
echo "aliasdomain.com" >> /path/rcpthosts
echo "aliasdomains.com:mydummy" >> /path/virtualdomains

#> echo "+mydummy-:mydummy:89:89:/my/dummy/dir:-::" >> /path/assign
#> /path/qmail-newu

I hope You got the idea :-)



> ---- Original Message -----
> Date: 17-Feb-2003 18:08:34 +0100
> From: Ajai Khattri <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Subject: [vchkpw] Default delivery for whole domains
> This is probably a qmail question ;-)
> I am using the usual qmail+vpopmail on a server with two main domains.
> One of the customer's has a bunch of other domains that redirect to the 
> same box and same web site. He would now like all emails for all those 
> "other" domains to be delivered to the catchall for his main domain. I 
> would rather not have to add each and every domain and then set a 
> catchall for each one. There must be a quick way to just say "deliver 
> all email for these other domains to this one domain's catch-all"
> Can I do this by creating a suitable .qmail file in ~qmail/alias or can 
> I do some other trickery in ~qmail/users/assign ?
> -- 
> Aj.
> Systems Administrator / Developer

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