If You add all these domains as aliasdomains then then all existing accounts in the original domain will
get their messages, not the catch-all. Maybe it's good enough
but if I understood your question You want ALL mail to these
domains redirected to a SINGLE account.
Yes, that's correct.

then do this:

#> mkdir /my/dummy/dir
#> echo "&[EMAIL PROTECTED]" > /my/dummy/dir/.qmail-default
Can I make these directories under vpopmail's domains folder?
i.e. mkdir /home/vpopmail/domain/dummydomain/

## for each aliasdomain
echo "aliasdomain.com" >> /path/rcpthosts
echo "aliasdomains.com:mydummy" >> /path/virtualdomains

#> echo "+mydummy-:mydummy:89:89:/my/dummy/dir:-::" >> /path/assign
#> /path/qmail-newu
Yes, this makes sense.


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