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> auth login 
> 334 VXNlcm5hbWU6 
> jerco%xxxxxx.com 
> 501 malformed auth input (#5.5.4) 
> ---------------- 
> but if you see my "telnet" session the problem is introduction off login,
> because with "vpopmail" use "%xxxx.com" to distinct a user from a domain to
> other. 
> but i don't put login correct  
> Well anybody help me???? (thank's)

Go, read the RFCs. Read the source code of patch from 


See: you're not expected, nor allowed to log in "typing plain text", the
input has to be base64-encoded. That's why you get "malformed auth
input" instead of "authentication denied" (never wondered about the
error _message_???).

Your bet bet is to use a MUA capable of doing SMTP-AUTH and test using
it. Don't try to hack a telnet session if you don't know what to type in
('VXNlcm5hbWU6' should have given you a hint that something's different
than in POP3-login session; FYI: it's the string 'Username:'

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