Two things you might try.

1.) make sure the domain is in /var/qmail/users/virtualdomains and
rcpthosts. If so, give qmail-send a HUP and see if it continues.  We know
it's in your assign file, but you can try rebuilding the cdb by running

2.) if all else fails, try changing the name of your server.  Run the
config-fast script from your qmail source (config-fast
and use instead of just  If you're running
FreeBSD and you installed qmail through ports the config-fast file is in


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Ben Ullian wrote:

> Hi.
> I am running Qmail with vpopmail successfully right now, and 
> qmail-smtpd is able to recieve email from the various domains and 
> route them to the correct vpopmail mailboxes with no problem.
> Except for one domain.
> The real domain name of the server itself ( is set as the 
> only LOCAL domain in qmail, and even though I have done
> vadddomain **********,
> vadduser [EMAIL PROTECTED] *****
> etc.
> qmail bounces all messages sent to any user I have created in domain 
>, saying that there is no user by that name.
> (<[EMAIL PROTECTED]>: Sorry, no mailbox here by that name.)
> How do I make QMail treat incoming mail for as if it was 
> virtual?

Log files are your friend ;-)

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