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Thursday, February 27, 2003, 3:06:07 PM, you wrote:

JH> On Thursday 27 February 2003 13:56, Peter Mikeska wrote:
>> Hi, plz can any1 help me ;))
>> I have local qmail+vpopmail with few domains, I have few (well many)
>> users which use adreses with local domain , but they have also adreses
>> from another domain.
>> Local> .edu .com
>> NONLocal> .de
>> I make virtualdomain .de,.com,edu
>> so I want when some local user send mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and this
>> user exist in my own .de domain, its OK, but when it doesn not exist,
>> just redeliver message to another smtp host(regular MX for domain .de).
>> Mail to this adreses when its com from internet , go to .de origin
>> server by DNS MX and it forward mails to my mailboxes. but I dont know
>> how to retrieve mail for local user which are not found in my local domain.
>> uff, well its messy , any ideas ?
>> I found that in .qmail-default in domain dir make this thig but its
>> redirect to exact mail adres, but i need just redirect it to smtp
>> server.
>> thnx in advance
>>                                Miki

JH> i think this was covered somewhen last year..
JH> i'm not sure, what the solution was back then, but i'd say

JH> on your "Local" server:
JH> add mx record for "pseudo.one.de"
JH> and alias the "pseudo.one.de" domain to "one.de" domain

JH> .qmail-default:
JH> | /home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' [EMAIL PROTECTED]

JH> on your "NONLocal" Server:
JH> add mx record for "realmx.one.de"
JH> and alias the "realmx.on.de" domain to "one.de" domain.

JH> .qmail-default:
JH> | /home/vpopmail/bin/vdelivermail '' bounce-no-mailbox

JH> .qmail-someuseronlocal:

JH> what does this do?
JH> qmail puts the username part of the "RCPT TO:" email address into the env 
JH> variable EXT (at least i think it does?).
JH> so on your local server vdelivermail will first check, if the user exist on 
JH> the _local_ system ? if no: it forwards the mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] which 
JH> is no local domain, but handled by the NONLocal server.

JH> on the NONLocal server it receives the mail, as realmx.one.de is an 
JH> aliasdomain for one.de it will handle the mail just as expected: if the user 
JH> doesn't exist on this system either, it will bounce the mail.

JH> you just have to make sure, that for each user on the "local" server a 
JH> .qmail-useronlocalname file on the "NONLocal" server exists.

 well, I dont have any access to NONlocal server ;((
 ill try better describe situation.


on company.edu i make virtual server company.edu for local mail but
how to make to send mail to realusers from real company.de ?

on company.edu exists users aka [EMAIL PROTECTED] and he has mailbox
also [EMAIL PROTECTED] , on server company.de he has made mailbox and
its forwarding all mails from internet.de and localLAN.de to
[EMAIL PROTECTED]  what I have to do is make that if someone from
localLAN.edu send mail to adres [EMAIL PROTECTED] mail will not travel
to company.de and then back to .edu coz we pay for this line huge
amount of money ;((, just round in circle and get to mailbox
[EMAIL PROTECTED] another problem is that on
company.edu are jus few users with mail .de, its not full copy of all
users from company.de. I dont have access to company.de

one solution is redirect all unrecognized mail to some local.edu user
and use some other program to monitor his queue and push all files to
smpt server on company.de,
second i found that in .qmail-default is delivering to some address
but i cant set it to '' [EMAIL PROTECTED] because it goes to loop
uff, any help ? pliiiiz ;)))



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