Hi, plz can any1 help me ;))
I have local qmail+vpopmail with few domains, I have few (well many)
users which use adreses with local domain , but they have also adreses
from another domain.
Local> .edu .com
NONLocal> .de
I make virtualdomain .de,.com,edu
so I want when some local user send mail to [EMAIL PROTECTED] and this
user exist in my own .de domain, its OK, but when it doesn not exist,
just redeliver message to another smtp host(regular MX for domain .de).

Mail to this adreses when its com from internet , go to .de origin
server by DNS MX and it forward mails to my mailboxes. but I dont know
how to retrieve mail for local user which are not found in my local domain.
uff, well its messy , any ideas ?
I found that in .qmail-default in domain dir make this thig but its
redirect to exact mail adres, but i need just redirect it to smtp

thnx in advance


S pozdravom
 Peter                          mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]

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