Hi All..

I have question about the file tcp.smtp.cdb!!!

First, i installed "pop before smtp" because finally "smtp auth" don't work 
for me!!

Second, the file "tcp.smtp" be first transformed in tcp.smtp.cdb, the initial 
configuration it's respected by vpopmail programs????

Because in the begining i need add a " :allow,RBLSMTPD="" " to verify in 
blacklist a email (i have instaled qmail-scaner-queue and spamassassin) but 
put this "RBLSMTPD" in the begin help to smtp do not accept mail and save 

And last question..

I need back up all my mail, from and to my domains, preferences order by 
domain (in a dir of a domain or a account of then).. Any suggestion???

I probe compile "qmail-auditor" but fail, i try patch qmail with another 
(dont' remenber name now), but this patch it's not compatible with another 
off my patch, i tested ".qmail" but only forward the "FROM" i need the "TO" 
also...  so..

thanks for all

PD: And REMEMBER set /control/rcpthosts, last saturday i have SPAMMED over 1 
million spam email, luck i have close my output and this save me... anybody 
need email's to SPAM???

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