Hi Jaime,

> First, i installed "pop before smtp" because finally "smtp auth" don't work 
> for me!!

That's your first question..? :)

> Second, the file "tcp.smtp" be first transformed in tcp.smtp.cdb, the initial 
> configuration it's respected by vpopmail programs????

I don't understand that question. vchkpw adds authenticated users to
~vpopmail/etc/open-smtp, and tcp.smtp.cdb is compiled from both tcp.smtp
and open-smtp.

> Because in the begining i need add a " :allow,RBLSMTPD="" " to verify in 
> blacklist a email (i have instaled qmail-scaner-queue and spamassassin) but 
> put this "RBLSMTPD" in the begin help to smtp do not accept mail and save 
> process!!!!

Sorry, I tried my best to understand what you said, but can you please
describe your problem again in more detail and in more proper english? I
know, we're a lot of non-native speakers on the list, but I simply
didn't get your question.

> I need back up all my mail, from and to my domains, preferences order by 
> domain (in a dir of a domain or a account of then).. Any suggestion???

Yes, read the archives.

> I probe compile "qmail-auditor" but fail, i try patch qmail with another 
> (dont' remenber name now), but this patch it's not compatible with another 
> off my patch, i tested ".qmail" but only forward the "FROM" i need the "TO" 
> also...  so..

Sorry..? Eh? You don't expect us to answer on questions on patches you
don't remember that aren't compatible with patches you don't remember,
don't you?

> PD: And REMEMBER set /control/rcpthosts, last saturday i have SPAMMED over 1 
> million spam email, luck i have close my output and this save me... anybody 
> need email's to SPAM???

No, thanks.


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