Gabriel Ambuehl wrote:
> Hello Dave,

Hi Gabriel.  No need to CC me, I get the list email just as fast :)

> Friday, March 7, 2003, 9:09:17 PM, you wrote:
>> The lack of being able to turn it off per user is probably the only
>> thing that holds me back from using it :)
> I suppose adding a new field into vpasswd is a nono as it would break
> a lot of existing code, right? So the flagfile is probably the best
> idea (easy to implement, too). Thoughts?

Yes, I think some sort of dotfile would be the best.  Then any number of
tools could use it.

Suggestion, for those of us that use sql user prefs.  If the dotfile is
present but empty, just make the connection to spamc/spamd, assuming that
vpopmail support in spamassassin is being used.  If there's text in the
dotfile, use that for the -u option

> Best regards,
>  Gabriel


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