Joseph Young
System Admin

I have spamassassin running through qmail-scanner. So when the email gets to
vpopmail, it was scanned. I originally thought to modify the qmailadmin. But
I found that I could use the white_to  field in SA and dynamically change it
through mySQL. Then all that I would need to do use maildrop within
.qmail-default. The maildrop would detect the SPAM header and move the spam
into the user's spam directory. However, the email still gets markup with
spam code. Question- if I make a user whitelisted does the bayes_autolearn
learn that the spam email is good.

If this is so, I am back at modifing qmailadmin.


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Have you considered writing this out to SQL for SA?

I'm not sure of the SA table format off the top of my head, but some people
have given up on running SA locally out of .qmail files and run it "for
every domain" and sometimes on a machine well before the system mail is
eventually delivered too.

Of course, I've given up on enabling/disabling it for individual users and
just turn it on (with everything hidden in the headers so it isn't obvious
it's even on) for entire domains.

You may find more flexibility if you change options in the mysql backend for
SA instead of poking changes into .qmail files.   Just my personal opinion.


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> Joseph Young
> System Admin
> I am working on a patch for adding spamassassin into the
> QmailAdmin. I have
> beginner's experience at C++ and have some of the work done. It
> is difficult
> to say where I am at in the process. The patch is still beta and works for
> only qmailadmin- If anyone is interested in helping get the
> patch finished or working for another version, goto
> I have qmailadmin to show a check box that is checked if there is the
> line,"enable_spamassassin", to .qmailadmin-limits. So the next step is to
> have in user.c to add the line,"|/var/qmail/bin/preline
> /usr/local/bin/maildrop /home/vpopmail/etc/mailfilter", in the
> user's .qmail
> when it when user selects it.
> I need help in writing the code to modusergo() in user.c to check
> .qmail and
> to write to .qmail.
> I have set up a anonymous cvs server for this project.
> cvs -d :pserver:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/home/cvsroot login
> Use password: cvs
> cvs -d :pserver:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/home/cvsroot checkout
> qmailadminspam
> joe
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> Gabriel Ambuehl wrote:
> >
> > Hello Dave,
> Hi Gabriel.  No need to CC me, I get the list email just as fast :)
> >
> > Friday, March 7, 2003, 9:09:17 PM, you wrote:
> >> The lack of being able to turn it off per user is probably the only
> >> thing that holds me back from using it :)
> >
> > I suppose adding a new field into vpasswd is a nono as it would break
> > a lot of existing code, right? So the flagfile is probably the best
> > idea (easy to implement, too). Thoughts?
> Yes, I think some sort of dotfile would be the best.  Then any number of
> tools could use it.
> Suggestion, for those of us that use sql user prefs.  If the dotfile is
> present but empty, just make the connection to spamc/spamd, assuming that
> vpopmail support in spamassassin is being used.  If there's text in the
> dotfile, use that for the -u option
> >
> >
> > Best regards,
> >  Gabriel
> >
> Dave

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