Hi Jesse,

> It seems to me that the whole ./configure autodetect of tcp.smtp is
> hokey. I think it would make more sense to specify in the
> INSTALL docs and in the configure script that there is a DEFAULT
> location for tcp.smtp.

The configure script does that, if you run "./configure --help".

> Clearly /etc doesn't work real well because
> of the default permissions, so I'd suggest "~vpopmail/etc".

That _is_ the default location; it just doesn't get used in most cases
because of a clumsy check, as I mentioned before.

> Then, allow that default to be explicitly overridden by a configure
> option like "--path-to-tcp-smtp=blah".

That's already the case; again issue "./configure --help", or read the
FAQ entry #8.

> We could keep the current configure behavior and just make sure that
> we document it in install, but I think trying to explain the
> configure behavior would really confuse some people.

Has my elaboration been confusing? ;-)

IMHO, it's just the problem that users don't know about that "three
location" thing without reading the configure script, thus expecting
tcp.smtp file in the wrong place.

> What do you think?

I really wonder that this question hasn't come up earlier. ;-)


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