Hi Jesse,

> I may just be mouthing off again, but I gather from the last paragraph in
> INSTALL that vpopmail may not even bother with vpopmail/etc/tc.smtp and
> open-smtp anymore.

vpopmail never writes to tcp.smtp. It need read access to that file when
building tcp.smtp.cdb.

vpopmail writes open-smtp if you have configured it for roaming users,
but without MySQL support.

vpopmail writes tcp.smtp.cdb, if you have configured it for roaming
users, independent of wheter you have enabled MySQL support or not.

> I think the default may be to assume that since you're
> using MySQL, you should use Matt Simerson's tcpserver-mysql patch. The relay
> table is certainly populated in my database, but the vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp.cdb
> is NOT generated.

I bet on write permissions.

> Personally, I don't have any qualms about vpopmail defaulting to MySQL
> based tcpserver relay control when I'm using MySQL.

It actually doesn't.

> However, I strongly
> disagree with the INSTALL wording if that's the case! It makes it sound
> like Matt's patch is only "suggested", but it honestly seems to be REQUIRED
> when mysql support is enabled in vpopmail.

The INSTALL file is right. Don't blame it just because your setup didn't
work. You simply didn't care about the permissions on tcp.smtp.cdb -
it's obvious that vpopmail can't write to that file if it's only
writable by root while you don't have vchkpw running as root.


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