Hi Ihsan,

> I am just installed a qmail+ vpopmail  , and the server was running
> nicely for a couple of days. But today , It started to give the
> following "no_mailbox_here_by_that_name" error.
> [...]
> @400000003e6c896f0f9d5e2c starting delivery 1: msg 81 to local [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Did you perhaps put the domain in the "locals" file today? This line
clearly shows that qmail doesn't interpret this domain as virtual (it
would have said [EMAIL PROTECTED] in that

> /var/qmail/control/locals file seems to be EMTPTY now. Is this the
> normal situation?


> After the regeneration of the domain in question, my message format
> looks like the one below.

As expected; see above.


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