On Wed, Mar 12, 2003 at 10:35:29AM +0200, Abdul Rehman Gani wrote:
> Hi,

> Is anyone aware of a patch for qmail-smtpd that will return a 5xx code if the 
> rcpt to is a non-existent address/alias on a vpopmail system?

That's just a bad idea.. giving a perm error on 'RCPT TO' will result in a short 3-4 
lines long perl script that will rand() all your users and you'll get spammed pretty 
Why do you think VRFY is _not_ supported by qmail?:)
Is that what you really want? naah..

Theres no way the smtpd would know if the user exists or not.
that's qmail-send's job, the qmail-smtpd recives the connection, checks relaying, 
rcpthosts and so on.. if it likes it - fine, the message is sent to qmail-send which 
decides what to do with it.. local delivery, remote one.. whatever.

> Thanks,
> Abdul

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