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There are a few, however they *only* take into account
the vpopmail addresses, not system accounts or aliases or
SMTP relaying.  I've just patched mine to handle all cases
however I don't have a patch.  BTW, VRFY would be the correct
place for this, however most spam programs ignore the return
on the VRFY command and send it anyway.  So in short, you'll
have to write your own custom one to your situation.

At least with the patch, I don't have 10,000 messages in the
outbound queue each day for bounces.  Now I rarely get bounces.


  > Hi,
  > Is anyone aware of a patch for qmail-smtpd that will return a 5xx code if 
  > rcpt to is a non-existent address/alias on a vpopmail system?
  > Thanks,
  > Abdul
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