On Wednesday, March 12, 2003, at 07:41 AM, jeffkoch wrote:

We're using the lastest version of Bill Schupp's Toaster which uses
Vpopmail 5.3.7. From reading the list, doc's, etc. we understand that in
order to process mail using spamc or maildrop from .qmail-default in the
domain directory we need to have the 'seekable patch' installed.

Actually, it's spelled "Shupp". : ) And also, the toaster currently uses 5.3.6, not 5.3.7.

Is this true? Or will maildrop (or spamc) work without this patch.
Secondly, what does the patch do?

As Marcus pointed out, you need 5.3.7, or apply the seekable patch manually. It makes the input seekable if it's not already.

Lastly, for Bill - any idea when the toaster will be upgraded to include
Vpopmail 5.3.8 which has the patch?

Well, this question really belongs on the toaster list. But it's about halfway done. I keep getting distracted by work that actually _pays_ me. ;)



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