Hi Andrew,

> Hello, I have a qmail + vpopmail setup with --enable-roaming-users=y.  Users
> are able to authenticate and receive mail, and their IP is added to
> open-smtp.

Is tcp.smtp.cdb regenerated successfully? Use cdbdump from Dan's "cdb"
package to find out:


> The problem is that it will authenticate a person and then allow
> them SMTP access iff they are on 65.243.94.* (our class c, the server's
> address is, but if they are coming from some other address,
> then although POP authentication works, they are not allowed to use SMTP.

Are you using an additional relaying technique besides static relaying
(tcp.smtp) and roaming users, e.g. SMTP AUTH?

Are you sure that messages from these hosts are actually to be _relayed_
instead of being locally delivered?


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