Hi Andrew,

please always respond to the list, not personally to me. Maybe someone
can bring some light into your situation after reading it, so I'm
completely quoting it:

> Thank you for getting back so quickly.  It appears that I was wrong, and
> roaming users is working well.  The problem is that we use Telia (going
> through Megapop dialups) for our users who want access in other cities.  I
> was testing roaming users on the Telia dialups, and for some reason even
> though the cdb is being regenerated correctly, and their IPs are entered in,
> relay access is still denied to them.

I cannot trust that part. Did the POP connection really originate from
the same IP addresse as the SMTP connection?

How did you check if the IP address has been in tcp.smtp.cdb?

> I had a couple friends try going
> through Comcast and Bellsouth, and after they authenticate with vpopmail,
> their address is added to open-smtp, added into
> /home/vpopmail/etc/tcp.smtp.cdb, and they can relay.  I'm still not sure why
> Telia gives different results than Bellsouth or Comcast (I don't believe
> Telia uses transparent relaying, or anything else wierd), but if I can't
> figure it out I'll probably recompile with --enable-roaming-users=n, and
> switch to SMTP AUTH.

No need to switch; you can use both techniques at once, thus allowing
clients to use whichever they want.


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