Well, another stupid error on my behalf.....I forgot to change my iptable rules to allow access to port 25 from outside my network. I need some sleep now. *zzzz*
Author: Jonas Pasche 
Date:   03-12-03 19:32
Subject:   Re: [vchkpw] can not get any mail

Hi Scott,

> if you are saying i need to kill qmail-send.

No; Rick told you to send a HUP.

Anyway, you need to send a HUP to _qmail-smtpd_, not qmail-send, as the
rcpthosts file is read by qmail-smtpd, not qmail-send. vpopmail normally
does this automatically, but obviously did not in your case.

> okay, i tried killall and it
> did not kill it. i killed it with -9 and it restarted again a couple of
> seconds later.

That's what supervise is for.

> durring that time i sent 2 more messages to
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] and they are not showing up in the log
> (/var/log/qmail/current) and i didnt recieve them or get any bounced
> messages.

Enter "/var/qmail/bin/qmail-qstat" and see if they're in the
"unprocessed" state.

> > more info from /var/qmail/control:

This can be achieved easier with "qmail-showctl".

> > it seems like it recieves the message, and doesnt
> > know where to put it, and then just gives up.

You have logs, so there's no need to "it seems like". Your test mail
comes from the same domain that makes trouble, so qmail cannot send a
bounce and will deliver it to the postmaster. If the postmaster address
points to this address, too, you'll have a triple bounce, and qmail will
discard it as it doesn't find a valid address to deliver the mail or a
bounce message.

> I did also notice that it
> says
> > uid 500 for one and 510 for the other. I have checked and rechecked the
> > vpopmail and vchkpw uid and gid and they are all set to 89. i dont know
> > where it is getting that uid of 500 and 510.

The first message is generated by UID 500, which is propably the
qmail-smtpd user. The second message is generated by UID, which is
probably the qmail-queue user. Check your /etc/passwd to be sure.


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